Certificate courses

Certificate courses at GSM Barcelona offer you learning activities that will improve your chances of preparing for a job or enhance career opportunities. The courses are relevant, timely and professional. This also offers students a chance to experience the beautiful city of Barcelona and student life at GSM Barcelona.

International Marketing

This course will provide you with the conceptual framework of International Marketing. You will be exposed to different scenarios and cases where your knowledge and skills as managers will be honed.

Global Business

This certificate course aims at keeping you up-to date with the ever-changing world of business. The emphasis is on testing theory with current business practices for you to better understand the complex world of international business.

International Finance

Students in this certificate course will be trained to understand and analyze international finance, and the management of financial investments an organization along with the most relevant performance measures.

General Management  & Human Resources

Through this course you will understand the present complexities and future challenges that impact the practice of management, particularly managing human resources. You will develop better understanding of the complexities involved in the process of recruitment, retention, and training and be able to relate these complexities to practical situations.

The International Manager’s Environment 

This module will focus on examining the issues concerning the management of the external environment of organizations, as viewed from an international perspective. It will introduce the students to the major trends and debates affecting international business and act as a link for the study of the ecological and ethical environment of the sustainability module.

International Manager's Skills

This module provides opportunities for developing students’ cognitive, affective, behavioral and technical management skills to enhance their effectiveness when operating within an international organization. This module aims to enable students to identify the influence of cultural factors on interpersonal dynamics affecting an organization.