Entrepreneurial Certificate

Success in today’s business world  takes discipline, dedication, knowledge, effective communication, and leadership. As a student at the Graduate School of Management in Barcelona you will gain a competitive advantage through our commitment to excellence in entrepreneurship. Whether you plan to launch your own company, find work in a start-up or see yourself leading new and creative initiatives in a multinational organization, GSMB has the program and the experience to equip you for the journey.

Curriculum Design

GSMB’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed to work as a supplement to our MBA program, which is accredited by the University of Barcelona. Designed especially for students with a keen interest in entrepreneurship, our program attracts a wide variety of student profiles from around the world. In fact, surveys demonstrate that participants view their experience with such diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds and talents as one of the most valuable parts of the program. GSMB professors are selected from among some of Europe’s most successful, practicing entrepreneurs. The curriculum is designed to prepare students with the skills and mindset of those regions of the world where entrepreneurship thrives. Barcelona is chief among these regions and, as a student here, you will receive guidance and access to Barcelona’s rich entrepreneurial ecosystem of resources.

Advantages of Our Program

GSMB’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship is comprised of our MBA program plus specialized individual tutoring sessions to help students assimilate the most important aspects of starting, growing and selling a business. GSMB is proud to sponsor and host various events, presentations, discussions and debates by successful business people and entrepreneurs.  The advantages of our program are the following:

  • Practical education in entrepreneurship through the case-method approach
  • English-language leadership and communication skills
  • Mulitcultural and multidisciplinary experiences in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities.
  • World-class educational credentials backed by the University of Barcelona
  • Practical, hands-on experience for work and life through our internship program.
  • Improved job prospects and career choices
  • Individualized coaching on CV and presentations
  • Social Media and Personal Branding Opportunities

Compelling Facts About GSMB’s Entrepreneurship Certificate

  • 100% of graduates report that the experience gained in Barcelona is highly valuable
  • 92% of graduates report that the program has improved their entrepreneurial skills
  • 92% of graduates report that their level of knowledge about starting a business has improved.
  • 20% of graduates become directly involved in an entrepreneurial venture in Barcelona.
  • 71% of graduates report that they are likely to start their own business in the future.

Program Eligibility

Individuals who possess an upper-intermediate level of English and an undergraduate degree in any major field are eligible for GSMB’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program. No prior knowledge of business or economics is required, although a basic understanding of quantitative reasoning is recommended.